Farewell Students of Giltner Public School: To those of you who do not know, I have taken a counseling position in Aurora next year. I would like to thank you for being an exceptional group of young people. My time at Giltner has been wonderful and I will miss you very much. Your new guidance counselor's name is Donna Fisher. Best of luck next year.

Lunch Ciabatta Cheese Pizza, No Salad Bar

STUDENT BILLS Student bills must be paid in full before report cards are mailed. This includes the following: lunch bills, replacement cost of text books or library books, damaged or lost uniforms, class dues.

CRC SWEEPSTAKES T-SHIRTS The following students/individuals owe $2.00 for the CRC Sweepstakes shirt please pay in the office: Tori Coats, Jaclyn Happold, ZaK Lyon, Madison Omel, Gussie Rhoades, Jared Hastings, Kolt Stithem, Kelbie Lyon, Grady Grudzinski, Kaitlyn Hosier, Kelvin Stallings, Logan Rath.

STRENGTH & CONDITIONING PROGRAM Strength and conditioning program will start Monday, May 21st at 7:00 a.m. for all athletes.

STATE TRACK T-SHIRTS The following students/individuals owe for the state track shirt: Madison Omel, Mrs. Humphrey.

CONGRATULATIONS STATE TRACK QUALIFIERS Congratulations to following state track meet qualifiers: Ethan Kreutz in the 800, 1600, and 1600 and 3200 relays; Drew Ott in the shot put and 400 relay; Trevor Poppen in the 110 hurdles, 400, and 1600 relay; Kelvin Stallings in the 800 and 400, 1600 and 3200 relays; Brandon Berney in the 3200 relay; Jordan Bieck in the 3200 relay; Dustin Hastings in the triple jump and 1600 and 3200 relays; Kyle Hawthorne in the long jump, 100, and 400 relay; Randi Janzen in the 400 and 400 and 3200 relays; Ryan Kleier in the 300 hurdles; Abbey Preissler in the 100 hurdles and 400 relay; Sarah Williams in the 3200 relay; Dani Most in the long jump and 400 relay; Garrett Poppen in the 200 and 400 relay; Gussie Rhoades in the 400 and 3200 relays; Jared Hastings in the high jump; and Kelbie Lyon in the discus and shot put. Congratulations to the boys team for winning the district championship.

5/17/12 All Students: Make sure you have all class dues, fines, lunch bills, etc... paid before the last day of school so your report card can be completed on time.

5/18-5/19 State Track Meet in Omaha

5/17/12 Last Day of School for Students 1:30pm Dismissal

Last Update: 05/17/2012