College Level Courses
Receive College Credit while in High School
Students intrested in these courses must have at least an A average(93%). These are challenging courses that reguire a high level of readingability. Students can receive credit frm the college. You must have the approval of the guidance counselor to enroll in one of these courses> Students must maintain a grade of C in each courses for the school to pay for the tuition costs.
University of Nebraska at Lincoln-Advanced Scholars Program
Caculus for Managerial Social Sciences
Life Skills for Sucess Plant Science
Intro to Art History Animal Products
Descripive Astronomy Fundamentals of Computer Science
Human Development and Family Oceanography
Survey of Criminal Justice American History to 1877
Insect Biology Visual Literacy Art: Design
Intro to Library Research Intro to Arthropology
The Science of Food Elements of Physics

Fundamentals of Human Communication

International Relations
Severe and Unusual Weather Engineering Economy
Intro to Psychology Judaism, Christianity And Islam
Intro to Sociology Women in Contemporary Society
Sociology of Crime Intro to Art History
Nutrition, Exercise Science: Health Earth's Natural Resources Systems
Personal Finance  
** Paperwork will need to be completed, signed by parents and returned to the guidance office.
Central Community College-On-line classes
Agriculture Business
Corn Production** Small Business Accounting
Soybean Production** Principles of Accounting I
Forage Production Principles of Accounting II
Agricultural Economics** Intro to Business
Ag. Commodity Mktg** Sales Techniques
Medical Keyboarding Chemistry
Legal Terminology Basic Concepts of Chemistry
Commercial Horticulture Economics
Basic Horticulture** Economic Understanding
Small Fruit Production  
Criminal Justice Applied Writing
Intro to Criminal Justice English Composition**
  Writing and Research
Health Information Tech  
Medical Terminology History
  Western Civilization
Industrial Technology World History I
Concepts of Electronics American History I**
Fundamentals of Mech Systems American HistoryII**
Intro to programmable controls  
Control Systems Info Technology
  Game Development
Math Intro to Information Tech
Business Math Microcomputer applications
Technical Math Web Page design
College Algebra Internet/World Wide Web
Psychology Microsoft Visio
Psychology of the family Operating Systems
Intro to Psych**  
Intro to Sociology**  
**Classes with asterisks indicate classes taken by students in the past
Students will need to take either the COMPASS test here at the school or complete the ACT test

College Distance Education Classes

Classes proivided via satellite from other high schools/colleges that count as dual credit (high school and college). When possible we would like students to take their college courses trough this avenue. Online courses will be allowed when schedules do not permit a distance education course to be taken.
English Composition
Intro to Psychology
College Algebra
Animal Nutrition
Animal Management

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