Distance Education Classes Offered from Other High Schools

Giltner High School has joined a consortium of schools that send and recieve classes via satellite. Students are connected to the sending high school through technology where students can hear the classroom and the teacher can speak to the student in the class here. We will have one distance education set up available first semester. We would be able to recieve one class each period with this set up. Second semester we will have two rooms available so two classes per period could be recieved. The following courses are available through distance education:
Agriculture Foreign Language
Intro to Agriculture Spanish 3-offered 2011-2012
Ag. Science Spanish 4
Wild Life Mgmt French 1
Ag. Leadership French 2
Companion Animals German 1
Animal Science German 2
Veterinary Science Math
Ag. Business Calculus-offered 2011-2012-Dual Credit Course
Alternative Energy AP Calculus
Science Business Education
Physics Business Communications
Nuclear Science E-Commerce
English Electives
English Literature Video Production
Novels Medical Terminology
Social Studies Sports Marketing
AP World History Drafting

Distance Education Classes


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