Online Cources available through Odyssey

A student may be assigned to a class in Odyssey if they failed a class during the regular school year and if the repetition of the course is not possible in the next year's schedule. If space allows, students may also elect to take classes in Odyssey. The following courses that are presently offered in Odyssey:
Electives Mathematics
Business Computer Information Systems II  
Business Computer Infomation Systems I-A Algebra 1
Civil War Algebra 2
Art History  
Consumer Math Geometry
Essentials of Communications Intergrated Mathematics
Personal Financial Literacy  
Physical Fitness English/Language Arts
Health Quest  
Digital Arts  

Life Skills

English 1
Essentials of Business  
20th Century American History English 2
Vietnam Era English 3
Media Studies  
Nutrition English 4
Personal/Family Living  
Social Studies Science
HS United States History Biology
Economics Chemitry
Government Earth Science
World Geography Intergrated Physics/Chemistry
World History Physics

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