Guidance Program

Grades K-6

A comprehensive program that focuses on the integration of the academic, career and personal/social development. Counseling, consultation, collaboration are all key components.The counseling program helps ensure that all students participate fully in the educational process.

Grades 7-12

Focus on development of a career portfolio through the use of nebraska career connections.

The Outline by grade is as follows

Grade 7

1. Register for Nebraska Career Connections

2. Take the Kuder Interest Inventory with Person Match

3. Research 2 Careers.

Grade 8

1. Research 2 Additional Careers

Grade 9

1. Complete Kuder's Skills Assessment

2. Re-evaluate Careers

3. Set Personal Goals

Grade 10

1. Complete Supers Work Values Inventory

2. Update Goals

Grade 11

1. Investigate post secondary schools of interest

2. Develop a resume.

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