Jr. High Volleyball

Roster jh Volleyball team Roster
Madison Wood Ashley Roth
Taylor Rhoades Alex Coats
Audra Joyce Baylee Thiel

Kyla Wilson

Sydnee Craig
Dillon Obeimeier Student Manager Kaylee Rhoades
Lauren Shipley Girl's and Dillon's Coach:Kirsten Kreutz

Gary Gaines

"Being perfect is
when you can
look your
teammates in the
eye and know
you did
everything that
you could not to
let them down."

2011 Giltner Junior High Volleyball Schedule






9/1/11 Hampton Home 1:00 Lost
9/8/11 Osceola Away 1:00 Lost
9/13/09 McCool Junction Home 1:00 Won
9/15/09 Shelby Home 1:00 Lost
9/22/09 High Plains Away 1:00 Lost
10/4/11 B/D/S Away 1:00 Lost
10/4/09 Harvard Home 1:00 Won
10/10/11 Giltner Tourney Home 1:00 2nd Lost to Heartland

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